In 2013, I had the opportunity to be a Web Designer at FlightHub.com where my main responsibility was to design landing pages for A/B testing. I also redesigned the company’s email templates and helped improve the main website. Some of my other tasks included creating banners for AdWords campaigns and helping to grow FlightHub’s social media following.

The following are examples of my work at the time.

Landing page targeting clients that have flexible travel dates:Landing Page A/B Test - Infographic Type

Landing page for web traffic that searched by airline:Landing Page A/B Test

Landing page for searches by destination:Landing Page A/B Test

A world overview landing page:Landing Page A/B Test

Main site search results page:Search Results Page

Email reservation reminder:Automated Reminder Email Template

FlightHub contest winner certificate:Certificate For a Contest Winner

FlightHub AdSense banners:
AdSense Campaign Ad

AdSense Campaign Ad

AdSense Campaign Ad