Avjet Routing

International Trip Planning

Avjet Routing is a leading service provider for needs of the private and corporate aviation. Expertise, combined with bespoke services, has made them a prime choice for the discerning client.

My role was help with the company’s entry into the North-American market. My mandate included implementing a design system and updating the company’s style guide, improving various internal documents, preparing promotional materials bearing the company’s “Aviation Jet Routing” Canadian branding, modernizing the company’s website and redesigning the company’s mobile app.


print ads for industry magazines
promotional merchandise


For the website redesign, I started by updating the installation of the company’s existing WordPress-based website, lowering load times and boosting security. I then made improvements to the typography and introduced other minor changes to boost usability, especially on mobile.

Going through the site’s content helped me become more familiar with the company’s role in the aviation field and how it presented itself to its clients. This, coupled with competition research and user interviews, informed me of what changes would be necessary to the site’s information architecture and in what direction I should take the new design.

homepage layout redesign

If you wish to view the completed website, please visit https://avjetrouting.ca

UX artifacts

After joining Avjet, I sat for interviews with the company’s management to get an impression of what their clients are like. I built preliminary user personas and organized a client satisfaction survey in which I also asked recipients if they would be interested in answering additional questions to further improve our services. With the help of those willing to participate further, I was able to validate the personas and gain more insight.

Avjet user personas

The information architecture of the new site took into consideration analytics data gathered from the old company site, insights from user feedback, profitability of the services offered by Avjet and the company’s goals.


After preparing wireframes and getting a sign-off on the different elements and their position throughout the site, I moved on to a high-fidelity prototype.

Interactive prototype for the Avjet site redesign (screenshot)