About me

My interest in design started well over a decade ago, while writing reviews and articles for a computer magazine. For a while, I was purely enjoying typography and layout for the print medium. I then got addicted to Flash (RIP), dived head-first into HTML, CSS and the web. I haven’t stopped designing since.

Design with passion. Design for effect.

One of my favourite aspects of design is the necessity to be able to identify problems and find a wide variety effective solutions. I had the opportunity to put into practice the various disciplines of field while I was employed for five years as a UX/UI generalist at MindGeek. It was a challenging, formative and invaluable experience that thought me a lot of what I know today.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of designing for many different companies and clients, including:

What does “kihin” even mean?

気品 – kihin – is a Japanese word for elegance, refinement, dignity.

Individually, the two kanji that make it stand for:
気 – spirit; mind; air; atmosphere; mood
品 – refinement; dignity

I like clean, functional design that puts the user experience first. Even though “kihin” is a word I picked a bit hastily for this domain name, while I was still in school, I found it to be a good fit and I stuck with it.