About me

Design with passion. Design for effect.

I’m a UX/UI designer with over a decade of experience, equally enjoying and comfortable with projects for both print and web. From business cards and signage to books, and from simple ad banners to complete websites and shopping carts – no task is too small or too great.

I have to great success completed projects for Casa Grecque, Club Piscine, Côte St-Luc Bar-B-Q, HK Holbein and many others. I have also worked extensively with FlightHub and MindGeek.

My focus is on clean, high-usability, functional design that puts user experience first.

What does “kihin” mean?

気品 – kihin – is a Japanese word for elegance, refinement, dignity.

Individually, the two kanji that make it stand for:
気 – spirit; mind; air; atmosphere; mood
品 – goods; refinement; dignity